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Far surpasses other composting solutions
Company Name: Code Green Solutions
My Location: Manhattan, NYC

As a firm that specializes in sustainability solutions, it made perfect sense to bring in Vokashi to manage the organic waste in our office. This solution far surpasses other composting solutions our office has vetted in the past.

Composting, No Backyard Needed!
Company Name: Lucy Liu: Actress / Artist / Advocate
My Location: Manhattan, NY

I thought we had to have a backyard to compost then I heard about Vokashi. Now we compost everyday. The airtight lid conceals and odors and makes sure there are no pesky fruit flies. Thanks to this fantastic and convenient service we know our scraps are being used beneficially for soil amendments and fine quality compost.

For all of our kitchen adventures!
Company Name: OXO
My Location: New York City

Minimizing our impact on the environment is key to us and we feel we all can play a role. It's one of the reasons we design products that stand the test of life and time. Since food is such a huge part of what we do, it's important to us that as little as possible goes to waste. It's why we regularly fill Vokashi buckets with food leftover from all of our kitchen adventures.

Best carbon footprint, highest standards
Company Name: Avid Waste Systems
My Location: Bronx, NY

Vokashi is the best carbon footprint for the collection and processing of organics in NYC. And Vokashi's ownership and mission meets the highest standards for socially responsible and innovative entrepreneurship. I highly recommend both their residential and business services.

EPA Awardee for Exemplary Green Power Procurement
Company Name: DesignTex
My Location: New York, NY

We are pleased to use Vokashi to compost at DesignTex's headquarters.

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What subscribers are saying about our Company:

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