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Vokashi uses the Japanese method of fermentation called “bokashi”. We provide an airtight bucket and bran containing microbes (effective microbes, EM-1®) to start the fermentation.

Every month we swap and collect your full bucket of fermented food scraps and leave a fresh bucket(s) and bran.

Households of one, two or three who eat two or three meals a week at home will need just one bucket.

Households with more people or who eat more meals at home will need two buckets.

There is a $20 charge for additional buckets.

There is a $15 Annual Bucket Fee for each bucket at a subscriber location.



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 5 reviews
Takes all the yuck out
My Location: Brooklyn, NY

The magic bran and collection bucket takes all the yuck out of recycling our food waste

Do what we can to be good stewards
Company Name: Vernon Avenue Project
My Location: Brooklyn, NY

The young men of Re-Connect have been educated by the Vokashi mission to the importance of connecting to the earth and to do what we can to be good stewards of our planet.

The system is so easy that it has become second-nature
My Location: Brooklyn, NY

We started composting with Vokashi a few years ago and now can’t imagine life without it. The system is so easy that it has become second-nature to compost; even my nine- and four-year-old children don’t think twice about what goes into the compost bucket and what gets tossed in the garbage. We love the process and believe that the company deserves to thrive – Mayor Bloomberg, take note!

No fruit flies and no odor from the buckets!
My Location: Park Slope, Brooklyn

I am very concerned about the amount of waste that goes into landfills every day. In the past, I had tried collecting my compostable kitchen waste but found I had numerous fruit flies surrounding the bin. It was also difficult for me to get to the community garden as often as I would have liked to drop off. I have been using Vokashi for the past three years. There have been no fruit flies and no odor from the buckets. Every month I receive new buckets and bran. I am very happy with the system and highly recommend it to anyone living in the city.

For anyone living in an urban environment
My Location: Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Vokashi is super convenient and easy to use. The Vokashi team provide reliable service and fill a much needed void in the home sustainability market for anyone living in an urban environment.