You toss your food scraps in our bucket...

add a handful of bran;

We collect your bucket and...

compost at various community gardens...

and public green spaces.

See Easy Tips Below.

Filling the bucket:

  1. Sprinkle layer of bran at the base of bucket, add 2-3” of kitchen scrap and sprinkle handful of bran. Using biodegradable paper towel, press down on scrap to remove any air pockets and replace lid.
  2. Repeat these steps until bucket is full.
  3. If the lid is difficult to open, use touch of oil on inner ring of lid. This will make opening easier.
  4. When the bucket is full finish with layer of bran and sheet of biodegradable paper towel.
  5. Securely replace lid. Bucket can remain in this condition for extended period of time. After 14 days it is ready to be used as soil amendment or in composting system.
  6. There is no smell if the lid is firmly on the bucket.

Kitchen scraps to include:

  • Fresh fruits and vegetables
  • Prepared foods and leftovers
  • Breads, rices and pastas
  • Cooked and uncooked meats and fish
  • Cheese, eggs and eggshells
  • Coffee grinds and teabags
  • Biodegradable paper products
  • Dry leaves and wilted flowers


  • Liquids: milk, juices, oils, sodas
  • Wax papers, plastic wraps
  • Styrofoam
  • LARGE meat bones; seafood shells

Helpful tips:

  • Be liberal when adding bran – 1 lb of bran is more than enough for 5 gallon bucket.
  • Fermentation works without air. Make sure lids are placed securely on buckets.
  • Remember the bucket will have odors of your food. Best solution to smell: eat an orange! It is good for you and your Vokashi bucket!
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What To Include In My Compost Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Eggs and Eggshells Coffee grinds and teabags Cheese Biodegradeable molded paper products Cooked and uncooked meats and fish Shredded Soiled Non-Recyclable Cardboard Prepared foods and leftovers Dry leaves and wilted flowers
What NOT to Include In My Compost No Plastic or wax Coated, Metal Component, Takeout Food Containers wax papers and plastic wraps Little Plastic Fruit and Vegetable Sticker Labels Coffee and Beverage Lids, Cups, Straws, Stirrers, Coffee and Creamer Cups No Styrofoam Of Any Kind No Rubber Bands No Twist Ties or Clips No Bubble Wrap or Plastic Packing Materials and Packaging No Bones and other Large Objects