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Whether you have a small business or a catering company Vokashi has the experience to ensure your composting success! Answer the simple questions above and after checkout, a Vokashi representative will ensure that all of your needs are met. We have two general kinds of small business food waste subscribers–and we suggest that you select the “Buckets” and “Pickups” in the above options to meet the service guidelines below:

Small Business Compost Service

Vokashi uses the Japanese method of fermentation called “bokashi”. We provide an airtight bucket and bran containing microbes (effective microbes, EM-1®) to start the fermentation.

Every “Pickup” period (Monthly, Twice Monthly or Weekly) we swap and collect your full bucket of fermented food scraps and leave a fresh bucket(s) and bran.

Small Business Guidelines on “Buckets” and “Pickups”

Unless you have measured your food waste output we suggest that you begin based on these guidelines:

  1. Businesses with less than 75 employees and a small pantry will need two buckets a month.
  2. Businesses with more than 100 employees and a kitchen / dining area will need three buckets every two weeks.
  3. Organizations with less than 100 people and light events will need three to four buckets a month.
  4. Organizations with more than 100 people and many events will need three to four buckets every week.

Vokashi will accommodate your organic waste needs.

Vokashi collects during the day. We hope to use trade loading docks and entrances.

Catering Compost Service

Vokashi will provide catering companies with dedicated airtight buckets to be used at prep stations in kitchens.

Vokashi will accommodate weekly collections.

Because this is a weekly collection service, Vokashi doesn’t provide bran. Fermentation is managed at the compost site.

There is a $15 Annual Bucket Fee for each bucket at a subscriber location.

Catering Guidelines on “Buckets” and “Pickups”

For a catering company or kitchen you will need to select “Weekly” from the “Pickups” option above. Also, you should have an estimate of your food waste output and select the number of 5-Gallon buckets to meet that weekly estimated output. Go ahead and make an estimated guess at the amount of buckets you will need as you are not locked in to anything so, after the first few weeks we can always adjust your plan accordingly.

There is a $15 Annual Bucket Fee for each bucket at a subscriber location.



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We know that we’re doing our part
My Location: Manhattan, NYC, NY

The Vokashi system has been a great addition to the office. It’s easy for everyone to use, and we know that we’re doing our part to reduce landfill waste and feed the earth.

The service is friendly and personal
Company Name: GreenSpaces
My Location: Manhattan

Vokashi has been a wonderful organic waste solution for Green Spaces! The method is smell-free and easy, and the service is friendly and personal. We also feel great about doing business with an independent green startup.

The perfect solution for our office
Company Name: Brooklyn Creative League
My Location: Gowanus, Brooklyn

Vokashi is the perfect solution for our office. It's affordable, convenient, and extremely tidy. Plus, it's a great way to reduce our waste stream and show our customers that we're committed to running a green business.

Our best discovery
Company Name: FilmBiz Recycling
My Location: Gowanus, Brooklyn

Our best discovery in 2011 was - Vokashi - pickled compost. No smell, no bugs, they pick up and provide all materials. Perfect for the production office, set on the go or home!