Vokashi Blog

When we pickup your Vokashi bucket your food waste continues its journey back to the earth where it belongs. Glimpse into that journey, the Bokashi and composting processes and the science and dedication that goes along with our stewardship!

Zero Waste, A Challenge Every Day

It feels like only yesterday that Vokashi took part in Mayor de Blasio’s Zero Waste Challenge of 2016. Running from February to June, it was a call for New York City businesses to reduce their landfill waste by 50%. In addition to increased recycling and donation of...

The Curative Power of Compost

Discover how one author uses a compost-inspired method to heal the emotional wounds from half a decade spent in a cult.

A Unique Composting Service

“I knew I couldn’t manage rotting food waste… so I began to search for an alternative method… I knew I had struck gold!”

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What To Include In My Compost Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Eggs and Eggshells Coffee grinds and teabags Cheese Biodegradeable molded paper products Cooked and uncooked meats and fish Shredded Soiled Non-Recyclable Cardboard Prepared foods and leftovers Dry leaves and wilted flowers
What NOT to Include In My Compost No Plastic or wax Coated, Metal Component, Takeout Food Containers wax papers and plastic wraps Little Plastic Fruit and Vegetable Sticker Labels Coffee and Beverage Lids, Cups, Straws, Stirrers, Coffee and Creamer Cups No Styrofoam Of Any Kind No Rubber Bands No Twist Ties or Clips No Bubble Wrap or Plastic Packing Materials and Packaging No Bones and other Large Objects